Sylphie - benevolent drow priestess

This is a commission work, based on the 'Seoni' figure from the Crocodile Games 'Pathfinder' fantasy series. This figure was painted to represent a character, Sylphie, who is a member of a D&D gaming party. Sylphie is a benevolent drow priestess. There were 2 main stipulations made by the client: first, the dark drow skin needed to be grey-brown, rather than dark purple, and second, she needed white robes to represent her purity and good spirit. Blue was also suggested to accompany the white, but apart from that, I was pretty free with the colours. Rather than a true, primary blue, I decided to use slightly more off-key colours, to give the scheme a little more complexity. The green-blue and purple-ish colours give the character a bit more nuance, I think, and to me they hint at her drow heritage more effectively than a standard, true blue colouring might. Hope you like her :)

Posted: 16 Jun 2009

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Great painting, amazing skin, cool color scheme. Just perfect job, man! Keep painting and show for us more nice miniatures!
30 Jun 2009 • Vote: 10
So nice and sweet ! Color scheme, technic,just perfect as always. You stay one of my favourit artist, Seb, take care ! Laurent
28 Jun 2009
Wonderful work, the skin tones are luminous !
27 Jun 2009
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