I painted this miniature one year ago. Is one of my favorite figures. The sculpture is incredibly good, textures, materials, composition ... One challenge is the number of elements and colors that the figure have, including the textures, which were the bigger challenge. One of the idea for this character it's the diferent's materials. For me, the elves are magical creatures, so I try to represent different materials in weapons and armor, looking for a combination of metals (sword, ornaments ...) and magical stone (obsidian, etc ...) to the armor. This figure has win diferents awards, including Best of show and best of painter, but probably the greatest award was able to make more time with this work and enjoy this great work. This work belongs to a private Collector. I hope that like you! ;D

Posted: 19 Jul 2009

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Next awesome paint-work. Congrats!
25 Feb 2015 • Vote: 10
Incredible perfect!!
25 Jun 2014 • Vote: 10
21 May 2014 • Vote: 10
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