Ithramir, more views and details

More views of Ithramir. I painted this scrath miniature one year ago. I prepare this figure with freeman (he sculp this 54 mm miniature), and I paint over the original green. Like the varathar, the other 54 mm mounted elf in my gallery, the idea for this character it's the diferent's materials. As I say in the other figure, for me, the elves are magical creatures, so I try to represent different materials in weapons and armor, looking for a combination of metals (sword, ornaments ...) and magical and brillant, stone (obsidian, jewels...) to the armor. For the horse, I try to make a tordo horse (texture and apariencie) As always sorry for my english ;D I hope that like you!

Posted: 23 Sep 2009

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Jeanette Gogan-Olivier
25 Jan 2012
Madre mía!! es que no haces ninguna fea eh? ;)
2 Aug 2011
Sylent Sentry
What the F...?! brilliant! peffect nice base and very good paintjob and colors
9 Dec 2009
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