Toxic Girl

Here's my version of the Toxic Girl from Fatal Personality. A great sculpt by Emanuele Giovagnoni....a teeny tiny little figure! I painted it back in January, when I was commissioned by a friend in Italy to paint it as a gift for him to give to Emanuele. I also entered her in the Chick Challenge 2009 :)

Posted: 29 Jul 2009

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Great work! I love paintjob on toxic substances and gasmask.
25 Jan 2010
Dude I've been looking at all your new stuff for ages and to be honest - it's been a little samey samey... still awesome but nothing really "fresh". This one is something new. I really really like how you've done this one, the balance of colour, the colour choice, the composition, the overall feel. Awesome. Very very nice.
14 Sep 2009
superb painting on a superb sculpt... what else can i say? AVE
27 Aug 2009
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