Nagrot Crook-Eye, Goblin Boss from Guild of Harmony

Here's another figure I sculpted for my Guild of Harmony range earlier this year, and painted this week. This one is Nagrot Crook-Eye, a goblin boss. I tried to give him a nasty look, but a little bit cunning or mischievous at the same time. It's the first goblin I've sculpted, which is strange, because I love goblins! I can't believe it has taken me this long to get around to one. I'll have to do some more in the future :) He is 23mm, and the casts are white metal. The original was sculpted using greenstuff (duro) and milliput mixes. This figure and the rest of the range are available in the Guild of Harmony store, here: online store Or at the CMON store. Hope you like him!

Posted: 17 Oct 2009

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great paint as Always , and avery good sculpt.
29 Oct 2009
You are my idol! :) Great sculpting, i love every little detail! cheers, Picster
28 Oct 2009
Great sculpter and great paintier ?? what else you great at lol
24 Oct 2009
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