This was my entry for OZ GD 09. The result was a huge shock, surprise and honour for me, because somehow, the judges decided to give me the sword :) A HUGE surprise! I did a small bit of sculpting work before the undercoat, to neaten a few things, and to change the face a little: the face on the original sculpt has very pronounced cheek bones, which gives her slightly hollow looking cheeks, and a bit too much jaw I think. So I did a little work to try to make her face look a little more 'feminine'. I decided to paint her green, because I wanted a colour that hadn't really been 'done' yet - there are quite a few famous versions out there, like jeremie's couple - the white one and the 'sunset' sort of cream one, which has been replicated by a few others - and of course julien's purple/mauve one from UK GD 07. But I hadn't seen anyone try green yet...I also took a bit of a cue from Arwen's dress in LOTR, in ROTK at the end, at the coronation, which is a similar green colour with a few different tones. To speak a bit about the base - I went with this shape to try to make something a little reminiscent of the LOTR elf architecture, and to give the figure a bit of context. The archway is made from bits of wire carefully shaped, filed and stuck together, then gaps joined with milliput. The bits of tree growing around the bottom of the arch are putty; the main tree structure around which the steps are built is a bit of real root though. And the steps are jsut made from soft wood cut into strips and stuck together, with a bit of milliput in the gaps. All the foliage on the base is stuff from the garden, really - apart from the moss, which comes courtesy of my friend Steve :)

Posted: 5 Dec 2009

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I think it's fantastic to see a really original interpretation of the miniature, rather than just another slavish copy of the character's movie appearance.
3 Jun 2010 • Vote: 9
Im giving you a TEN because it clearly deserves a TEN. But I dislike the darkness of her face. I feel she needs to 'glow' more. to shine and glow the way an Elven Queen ought to. As it stands the face is painted beautifully, but there is too much in the way of shadowing on the lower points of her face which almost look like she has a five oclock shadow. Only a trifling criticism but still....
3 Jun 2010 • Vote: 10
superb blast from the past!!! 10
3 Jun 2010 • Vote: 10
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