CMON19 - Khaine D'lacreu

This was great fun to paint and is a great sculpture. I have gone for a slightly different colour scheme than normal. Comments and feedback welcome.

Posted: 4 Jan 2010

8.8 /10 (121 Votes) 4.4k Views

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You did a first class job of painting it. Love all the little detail... I like the different color scheme u used, too....
6 Feb 2016 • Vote: 10
The colourscheme suits her well. In fact that is one of the reasons why I`m a fan of your works. You always pick up some own and fancy colour schemes. Base looks fantastic too. Great job!!!
26 Apr 2010 • Vote: 10
I would love to see a tutorial about that, especially about the water. How did you do that?
22 Jan 2010
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