CMON19 Khaine D' Lacreu

Lot of fun painting this mini. I am updating the pictures from ones I had previously as they were a bit to faded out.

Posted: 4 Jan 2010

5.6 /10 (67 Votes) 2.4k Views

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I think than the photo is bad. With a better photo you would have better rating.
20 Jan 2010
While I like the hair, staff and shield the red cloth looks heavy and rushed.
8 Jan 2010 • Vote: 5
Thank you. The base is made from purple heart wood which is actualy much darker in color but it is a UV reactive wood so it unfortunatly comes out as pink in pictures. Didn't know this when I was putting every thing together. If any ones intrested the base is from Crooked Eye and can be found here:
5 Jan 2010 • Vote: 8
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