Gwahyr the Merciless

This was a commission mini I painted this week. Old school Rackham! They're getting rare these days! I went with a bit of a textured look on his clothes...jsut thought it might spice up the flat areas a little bit, and hopefully fit with the rest of the figure ok. Stuck with NMM for a good old classic rackham piece./ Wrong shaped base those, argh, noooo! ;)

Posted: 16 Jan 2010

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Excellent paint job great nmm subtle placement of highlites and great work with a restricted palate on the gold and steel. Inspirational!
6 Jun 2012 • Vote: 10
Absolutely a masterpiece, congratulation to you and to the collector! :-)
27 Jan 2010
What can I say... it looks like one of Sebastian's minis! :-) Excellent painting, as usual. I am surprised that you haven't done anything "wilder" on the hair though. Thank you for posting!
26 Jan 2010
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