Grakkha, CHampion of Kamahru

Here is another classic Rackham piece I painted as a commission job. It's the first of the Rackham orcs I've ever painted, so it was great to experience something different - even if the mini is absolutely huge! Mega chunky and heavy! :D Covered with little details, as are a lot of other Rackham minis. Once again I have broken the golden rule and painted him with little rebellion! Although he is quite colourful, I tried to use a cool colour scheme to emphasise the 'coldness' of the environment. Maybe this was not totally successful; for a very cold atmosphere, perhaps slightly more muted colours would be ideal. But I preferred to go for a bit more colour, to make the figure more interesting and give him some more impact. Hope you like him - bigger pics on my website, as usual. Thanks! :)

Posted: 10 Mar 2010

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Ghrask Dragh
Great job, cool to see you take on Rackham (and win!) ha. 10/10 mate
6 Sep 2010 • Vote: 10
Imeant metallics...sry ^^
24 Mar 2010
particularly nice colors and great nmm !
24 Mar 2010
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