Cersei Lannister

This was my second entry to the Gen Con 2008 painting contest. It was painted in a bit of a rush, so much so that I didn’t have a chance to take photographs of it before the Con. Then I sold it at the Con, so didn’t have the opportunity to take any pictures later! These pictures were taken by the Gen Con contest staff, and I’m grateful to have them. This is a Tom Meier sculpt, and getting the skin blends looking smooth on the delicate proportions of the figure was a challenge! One of my favourite parts of the sculpt is the lovely feminine quality of the raised hand and arm, in particular the wrist bone. I don’t feel the colour transition on the dress photographs very well, I liked how it looked much better in the hand. If I hadn’t been in such a rush, I hope I would have taken a harder look at both the construction and painting of the base. (And I actually did two, one with the tile lines inscribed right into the base, and this one, then chose which I thought painted up better.) I’m happier with the fountain. The large bowl is a saucer from a miniature tea set. The upper part is a censor or something similar from a RAFM graveyard set, with its original ghostly spirit removed. The water spouts are Woodland Scenic Water Effects laid over fishing line. The figure represents the character Cersei Lannister from George R. R. Martin’s Song of Fire and Ice book series. Dark Sword Miniatures has a whole line of characters from the books. I had another idea for painting this character that was more involved, which I hope to be able to realize one day.

Posted: 25 Mar 2010

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Good job at the lady and a freaking awesome fountain. Wow that looks pretty good and also the white marble is done perfectly.
27 Mar 2010 • Vote: 10
If she only looks a _little_ snotty, then I guess I didn't capture the chacter very well! ;->
26 Mar 2010 • Vote: 9
The marbling is wonderful. That girl seems a bit snotty....LOL
26 Mar 2010 • Vote: 9
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