CMON Contest 22 - Classic Female Barbarian

I missed the deadline and I am not sure the contest is even happening but here is my version of the Dark Sword Classic Female Barbarian. It is a great model with lots of very fine detail that is quite challenging to paint. I was a little rushed in attempting to finish it in time but am pretty happy with it overall. Comments and criticism is appreciated. Cheers

Posted: 3 Jul 2010

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great blending on the armour. the dragons a nice bit of free hand too, if you do the same blending on the skin tones as you have with the armour you will really be onto something. great work
25 Aug 2011 • Vote: 9
Well done! Great shield!
22 Oct 2010
Very good job at a very fine model. Great freehand and clean painting :-)
5 Jul 2010 • Vote: 9

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