Jian Nai, Koi Fisherman

Here's a figure I sculpted for the Guild of Harmony range last year, and finally got around to painting this week. This one is Jian Nai, a koi fisherman. Another one of the Chinese-themed minis from the Guild of Harmony range. He is 30mm, and cast in white metal. The original was sculpted using super sculpey firm, greenstuff (duro) and milliput mixes. This figure and the rest of the range are available in the Guild of Harmony store, here: online store Or at the CMON store. Thanks guys! :)

Posted: 18 Aug 2010

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Zaphod Beeblebrox
Superb scene - everything perfect.
14 Feb 2012
Love him! And i still got mine here for bringing him some paint! Really a great sculpt! Your paintwork on him is again a masterpiece! Keep on happy painting! Regards Roman
31 Aug 2010 • Vote: 10
Just a beautiful sculpt and paint. Love your work!
28 Aug 2010
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