Eilwyn, Enchantress - from Guild of Harmony

I finally managed to paint a version of Eilwyn this week. It's a mini I sculpted earlier this year, and I've been looking forward to applying some colour. This is pretty much the colour scheme I was envisaging as I sculpted the mini. I tried for a Middle-Eastern type skin tone for a change, because I tend to do too many figures with pale, vampiric, unhealthy looking skin! She is 30mm, and cast in white metal. The original was sculpted using Cernit modelling clay (the purple bit), with pro-create and milliput for the rest. This figure and the rest of the range are available in the Guild of Harmony store, here: online store As well as other online stores in Europe and CMON store in USA. Thanks everyone, hope you like her! :)

Posted: 1 Nov 2010

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Very nice sculpt. Nice paint job as well!
16 Nov 2010 • Vote: 10
Great sculpt, great colourscheme applied... love her! Such strange colours transitions going on in her, but it looks damn impressive! How the hell you are doing this, haha... Keep on happy painting! Regards Roman
4 Nov 2010 • Vote: 10
The sculpture is fantastic, 10 for this. The painting is beautiful, but not as fantastic as your usual 9 for this. Best regards . Mirko
3 Nov 2010 • Vote: 10

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