Goffik Rok!

This was my only entry for our OZ Golden Demon this year. We had a new 'local' category in the competition called 'the Lost Demon', which was for any GW models produced from 1979-1999 only. It sounded like fun when it was announced, so most of us here in the aussie painting community entered, to support the category, and thanks to the strong interest we have the category again next year :) I managed to find a bit of spare time to paint an entry: this old school ork from the 'Goffik Rok' group, hehe...those were the good old days! A cool old mini bustin' out a guitar solo. I did spruce him up a little though, by giving him a new mohawk, doing a little extra work on the face, filing off a few bits, etc...nothing too major though. Good fun! And I was lucky enough to win the Lost Demon, so he did his guitar jammin' job well! ;)

Posted: 13 Nov 2010

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Zaphod Beeblebrox
Volume is not fully cranked up? Wutt? :D
14 Feb 2012
12 May 2011
He's standing on the top of an AMP but still unplugged ;) Very nice!
12 May 2011
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