Tiriel kneeling

This is a bit rough but I am happy with how it came out for as little time as it took. Comments and Criticism is appreciated. Cheers

Posted: 6 Mar 2011

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like this, the armour thing seems to be your speciality :) that blue's a bit bright in comparison. keep up the good works.
25 Aug 2011 • Vote: 10
I`s a motivation 9 ;-) And I hope an 8,2 in the end. Pretty good job if one keep in mind the horrible size of this sculpt. I can imagine you have had hard times painting all this edges so nice and clean. Highlighting is good too. And blendings are well for this size, not perfect, but you can be really satisfied with your progress so far, good job :-)
7 Mar 2011 • Vote: 9

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