I painted this one as a last minute entry for the Oz GD 2011 - at first I wasn't going to enter, but I got home from overseas just in time to have a few days to whip something together! The night before GD was a looooonnnggg one, haha ;) Anyway, this is the standard plastic figure, the only change I have made is to re-sculpt the face. The face on the original figure is a bit ugly, I think, and I wanted the banshee to look a bit more mournful and sad, like she was grasping after something she had lost. I tried to give the figure some movement with the positioning and construction of the base. if you look at the side view, everything is angling forwards: the branches of the tree, the fence, and even the 'ground' of the base is tilting forwards. So coupled with the positioning of the figure coming off the front of the base, hopefully this creates a bit more life and movment for the scene. I had fun making the base - I picked up some of those ornate fence pieces in Germany courtesy of Raffa's tour of Augsburg, so it was cool to put it to use almost immediately :) Good fun to paint, not too complicated, but I kind of enjoy simple figures. Hope you guys like it! As far as results go, I was fortunate to continue my good luck streak and win gold at GD :D

Posted: 2 Oct 2011

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Zaphod Beeblebrox
Beautiful stuff! I cant take my eyes of her!
14 Feb 2012
Will S
11 Nov 2011 • Vote: 10
Saw this today on the website as the winner in the category! Grats on the win! The model is beautiful!
24 Oct 2011
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