Bilbo Baggins

You can click on the picture, to see it bigger and see details like the fence, or the vases, and the different plants.. :) This is my latest project, I hope you like it. I invested a lot of work in the environment and tried to achieve a very realistic natural scene/atmosphere. Best regards Oli

Posted: 9 Apr 2012

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Beautifull beutifull beautifull
5 Nov 2014 • Vote: 8
Hinestly all your work is a favored art for me when I show students examples some times I use diff artists as my subject matter among the tenb balls nurgle special forces jarheads white bull and your wizard with the monster next to him but lately I've been bringing you up a lot mr Oliver and next to that wizard you did and the strohm warriors and the desert wings which are clear favorites I'm partial to I can't help but feeling awe struck and amazed how close not only the model is to bilbos home description in the books but the smallest detail to a dead on miniature clone to the set in the movie "the hobbit" right down to his bench he sits in smoking his herbs waiting for gandalf to arrive. Uncanny and amazing.
27 Mar 2014 • Vote: 10
Gandalf the Grey
Brilliant work but from an accuracy point of view a Hobbit hole would never be that unkempt
12 Jun 2013 • Vote: 9
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