Wolf the Barbarian

Lovely sculpt from hasslefree great little comp paint off from the CMON forums cheers to William T, TomasP, 10 ball, Megazord man, Squidders, Skaaal, Wildorling.

Posted: 26 Jun 2012

8.3 /10 (62 Votes) 2.4k Views

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5 May 2014 • Vote: 10
BloodFather of Kharnath
PERFECT contrast in skin tone. This alone denotes a 10.
3 Mar 2014 • Vote: 10
Great skin and love the base, the gold looks great and the mini really works as a whole. I had to give 9 because of the sword pommel is not as good as other areas on the mini and a few of the big leaves on the base are better than others. You're a true artist though and this is way better than the score it currently has, I honestly don't know why it's so low, it's a solid 9.
1 Aug 2013 • Vote: 9
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