Dragon Bust

With an Alias like mine my gallery would not be complete without a Dragon of some sort. This Bust from Model Design Construction, was a challenge to myself to paint a Dragon (I have something like 40+ in my collection all unpainted.) It took a fair amount of Green stuff to fill in some air holes and seal the head/body join, plus a number of the fangs were broken in transit. Several areas of Scales had to be resculpted due to flaws but after a year or so I can't recall which are which as they aren't obvious on the bust. With it being a bust and needing to be hand held while painting I found that it was quite an uncomfortable process due to the spines on the neck. So She/He is painted with Vallejo Reds, strengthened with glazes of purples for the shadows and glazes of Vallejo Transparent Red, Yellow and Orange for the highlights. I put it into Euro-Militaire not expecting anything for it, but was surprised to find it featured as a Photograph in the Military Modelling Special on Euro-Militaire 2011.

Posted: 19 Jan 2013

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