Nurgle Plaguelord Sorcerer

Another Golden Deamon Entry, this time gaining a me Finalist place. Initially this Forgeworld piece was painted in a Brownish tone, utilising Vallejo English Uniform giving it a more muted effect. It did come supplied with a Banner pole, but an unfortunate accident when washing the piece prior to painting meant that the banner pole disappeared down and through the sinks 'U' bend. After the Golden Deamon it was requested to be put in the local GW store display, which I didn't mind (Who wouldn't after all?) However an over enthusiastic young person grabbed it from shop display and managed to break both the Spear and the backpack. (Words were said to acting manager about that!) So it languished awaiting repair until recently, I've managed to pin the spear back together (guitar wire) and the backpack was resituated. In order to cover/disguide the damage a little bit of tweaking was needed, which ended up a virtual rework. The initial paint job has been "improved" with an initial glaze of Vallejo Transparent Green, followed by Transparent Yellow, Re-highlights of Ivory and Shadow glazes of Violet. The base is virtually untouched , save for a careful dusting using a blower brush and was originally painted using Water Soluble oils to give the tonal variation in the rocks. One thing I found out about painting Cork is that the oils sink in and dry more quickly than I'd anticipated (hours instead of a day or so) but Cork also drinks Water Effects like the Sahara. There are four layers of Water effects in the base just to get that level.

Posted: 19 Jan 2013

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That is why I charge an overhead fee to all game stores that display my works.. I only have a handful of demon trophies , but a skill level comparable to proffessional status.andits not hard to figure out our painted minis increase sales of products due to aesthetics being such an integral part of the hobby-don't be shy to charge for display and to use this as a means for insuring the artistry from any mishaps from unwarranted uncaring clumsy handiwork.. Btw love your of few artists that realize the importance of how violets and greens enhance any colors visual impact by merely letting the eye detect more colors from the color spectrum on top of the primary color ,it's shade and highlight used.. . Brushmasters of the world unite and stay blessed.. Regards. Johnny
22 Jan 2013 • Vote: 8
Nice work mate
19 Jan 2013 • Vote: 8

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