London 1888?

I built this piece using a Reaper Miniature (Smedley Cloverdash) and a Distopian Wars Model. (Covenant of Antarctica Time Dilation Orb). As soon as I saw the Distopian Wars Model I had the ringing of the idea in my head all I needed was a suitable figure. Since I'd become somewhat impressed by the steampunk genre it didn't take me long to trace the Smedly figure. Painting Smedley himself was the work of about three days constant work and he's done in NMM especially for the leg Brasswork. It's a surprisingly well detailed model and taxed me a bit. The Time Dilation Orb was a bit of a Ball-ache as initially the legs didn't fit securely and there was a severe moulding line in the resin of the Orb. Dremel Wire Brush, 400 grit Wet and Dry paper cured the Moulding line and Steel pins fixed the legs. I had intended to alter the legs to have one in the process of moving, but the attempt made the whole piece very unstable. I had intended to do a wall as a Backdrop but Time and ability ran out on me. The orb and second attempt base took the best part of two weeks to complete and as this was an entry for Euro Militaire I had specific time limit to work to. Overall I'm OK with the look of the piece as is and got some nice comments and appreciation from a French Judge. (Apparently Steampunk is Very Popular on the otherside of the channel).

Posted: 19 Jan 2013

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great diorama
20 Jan 2013 • Vote: 9
Now that's what I'm talking about. Lovely pj great model and diorama and spot on colour selection.
20 Jan 2013 • Vote: 10
Very cool mini diorama!
19 Jan 2013 • Vote: 10

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