Lokhir Fellheart

Old Cthulu face himself. I liked the idea of doing this feller and since I got him in time for a Golden Deamon Competition couldn't really resist. So Painted in NMM, and with a Base which is constructed from Cork/Plasticard and Slate (including a few blood drops in there as well)Oft I went. The Slate and the stairs are toned with Water Soluble Oils. This got me another finalist placing and I was pleased to see that the Studio Photographers pulled him out to take several shots which ended up not only on the display screens but for a while on GW website. Someone other than me must have liked him.

Posted: 23 Jan 2013

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8.6 love the paintjng but really am in love w the modelling idea...nice job papa reach ;) cheers.
11 Dec 2014 • Vote: 9

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