Grogsnagga the Beardtaker.

Another GW Golden Deamon Entry. However this is the most abitious conversion I have ever attempted. The Basic figure is the Ork Warboss with a Squig on his arm. I removed the Squig carefully (I still have him) drilled out the pointing hand and created a Dwaven Beard Plait by plaiting several strands of wire together. The legs were cut and re-positioned as if he was running and the Axe hand was adapted from a Dragon Ogre. Both the Axe and the Helmet horns were drilled and fitted with jeweller jumper rings. A great deal of green stuff mafde up not only the gaps but the Chain link mail, the Fur shoulder piece the belt (Wire Buckle) and the bits of cloth around his body. All this work did take several weeks and as well a lot of swearing, but it paid off as this got a Finalist place and (I was told) had been highly considered.

Posted: 23 Jan 2013

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now this I like a lot great conversion and painting :)
24 Jan 2013 • Vote: 9
Gran trabajo!!!. Saludos!.
23 Jan 2013 • Vote: 10

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