Ophidian Solar

One of Rackhams quirkiest minis lovely sculpt if a little outre.

Posted: 17 Apr 2013

8.6 /10 (56 Votes) 1.4k Views

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Stunning colors!
4 Jul 2014 • Vote: 10
BloodFather of Kharnath
I'm sorry I can't agree with you're contentions, Pickman. This is a well balanced color scheme using complimentary tones and a good contrast of intensity and saturation.
1 Jul 2014 • Vote: 9
Pickman Studios
I'm sorry I can't agree with the others. I find the paint scheme chaotic and inconsistent. Your technique is good and well executed but the colors are all over the place. I would give you a 10 for technique but the other issues I have with it bring the score down accordingly. sorry.
6 Feb 2014 • Vote: 7
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