Dwarf Warrior by Oathsworn Miniatures

It has been a long while since I posted a mini o here and to be honest it is equally as long since I painted something that I am happy to share. I pretty much gave up painting over a year ago now as my eyesight really lets my painting down. Ive tried various visual aids but have found none to be that helpful. I am currently using a very strong pair of reading glasses whilst I paint. I realise that my minis are now not going to be as good as previous submissions but I will still be painting for a little while yet.

Posted: 2 Feb 2014

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Good to see you back - always one of my favorites and a style I strive for!
5 Feb 2014 • Vote: 9
Please don't give up! It wouldn't be fair not to share such amazing still technically amazing paintjob !
2 Feb 2014 • Vote: 10

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