The Kromlech Ork Railman

Hi all I've managed to get another new mini done this time though it has a special meaning to me. I have worked on the railway for 25 years now and recently a very old friend and mentor decided he was going to retire. This guy taught me more about signalling than any other and has always been there for me when I've needed advice or guidance. So I decided to give something back as a gift for when he retires, he has always shown an interest in my miniature painting and has liked what I have done even when I've shown him stuff and not been happy with it. I bought some bases from Hi Tech ages ago that were railway themed and when I found the ork Tank driver from Kromlech I began to get an idea of what I wanted to do. So I've painted the ork in orange overalls and placed a few typical railway tools around him. I've gone for the look that would have been more fitting in the BR era although to be honest he is wearing a bit too much orange for that time. He has obviously arrived on site just in time to avert the disaster that could be caused by the leaf on the line. A first for me is using weathering pigments which have helped give a suitably dirty look to the scene, his overalls are not too dissimilar to mine, I may go back over the jacket with matt varnish, the new GW paints just insist on drying with a shine no matter how much you mix them up and thin them down. Anyway hope you like it.

Posted: 25 Feb 2014

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6 Jun 2014 • Vote: 9
Great work!
17 Apr 2014 • Vote: 10

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