Steampunk Wedding Topper

I got asked to do a Wedding Cake topper for two friends Nade and Steve. I got Nade to select the figures and she picked Sebastian Archers Guild of Harmony figures. Lovely Sculpting on the figures and a Dream to Paint. The Base was the most problematic of all the things to do as the Gear based Arch I'd built, broke less than a week to go before the wedding. It was beyond repair so I had to make this one up instead. The base is made from a Car Tax Disc holder, a Piece of "Jewellery" from a Cheap shop, watch pieces, brass tube, picture holder pins and Bead craft Fol-de-Rols. Hope you like it.

Posted: 16 Jan 2016

8.7 /10 (49 Votes) 4.0k Views

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BloodFather of Kharnath
I am really very surprised this did not score higher. Your finest work IMO.
13 Aug 2016 • Vote: 10
25 Jan 2016 • Vote: 10
That's a beautiful present to give... oneself time, which is a real precious gift. I am sure your friends will be grateful for this gift and keep it in their minds and hearts for ages to come.
24 Jan 2016 • Vote: 10
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