Azog v Thorin (GDUK 2016

The two models were converted by Dave Fredericks and then paint and base work by DMS. This piece was where my hopes lay at this years Golden Demon and it achieved a finalist pin which i am more than happy with. I feel like I'm getting closer.

Posted: 17 May 2016

8.6 /10 (25 Votes) 2.5k Views

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Outstanding idea, composition, and effort. No space is wasted within your scene.
21 May 2016 • Vote: 9
Dead Marsh Spectre
Thank you :-) @SkelettetS - I m sooooo proud of the pin :-)
18 May 2016
super cool base! very strong competition this time, be proud of the pin! :)
18 May 2016 • Vote: 8
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