Mannaz, the Rune Collector

Available at Fernando Ruiz Miniatures - Sculpted and Painted by myself ------------- Mannaz is a more than a man. A legend told with fear at the campfire. Mannaz the wounded, the rune collector, the immortal… Legend is, he was once, before the time he was called Mannaz, a huscarl fighting for his Jarl on the battlefield in a big battle. As he was struck down in the shieldwall he did not accept his fate and refused to die. Out of the shieldwall he fought like a true berserker and put fear in the hearts of his jarl’s enemies. They were so busy fighting him that his own troops could surround the enemies shieldwall and butcher them all. He was brought home as a hero but heavily wounded. His wounds were so severe that the jarl decided to bring him to a healer. But he wasn’t just an ordinary healer, he was known in all the lands for being a bit crazy but making prayers become reality. He claimed that he could talk to Odin and Loki himself to save men and women by making contracts with the gods. After our hero was brought to the healer, the healer prepared a big ritual to talk to the gods. Sure, nobody knew he was just a normal man making a big show to impress the simple minds. He never talked to gods. And this man would die anyway… But something was different this time, the smell of the burned pine tree saplings mixed with goat blood. Or was it just the bird’s songs in the forest? When the ritual was over, the healer was in shock… Something was different this time! What did he do? The heavily wounded man stood up and grabbed the healer’s necklace before he could finish his thoughts. Every powerful man had such a necklace made of precious volcanic stone with an engraved rune to give him power and luck. But this time, the necklace definitely did not work, as the healer was slowly strangled with it, fighting for air. The first necklace the wounded man collected for the gods was the rune Mannaz. And this is the name he was given. Since that day, Mannaz strides the North looking for certain rune necklaces. It’s a reminder for the powerful people to not misuse their power, to not use the names of the gods for their own profit. At least, that is what the legend says…

Posted: 26 Sep 2016

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Hahaha, P-Day :D I just somehow were very lazy with my uploads since Giu's and now decided it is time to catch up ;)
27 Sep 2016
I would call today -26 sept, invasion of Picster's works))
26 Sep 2016 • Vote: 10

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