The Red Lion

Available at Fernando Ruiz Miniatures - Sculpted and Painted by myself ------------- They called him Red Lion, undefeated champion of the arena. He fought many battles and wears his scars with pride. Every scar has a story and in the case of Red Lion the stories are gruesome. He is known to fight fearless, even when wounded he is dangerous, fast and merciless and the bigger the challenge, the more dangerous he gets. Some call him immortal, some just a maniac. But you can be sure about one thing: shall you stand before him in the arena think of your loved ones and enjoy your last breath.

Posted: 26 Sep 2016

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Man! I love his facial expression! He looks absolutely nuts, like he's about to obliterate his unfortunate victim! Just absolutely spectacular.
10 Oct 2016 • Vote: 8
BloodFather of Kharnath
This is truly a beauty. Sculpted and painted definitely puts this mini on a whole other level. Good Lord!!!!
4 Oct 2016 • Vote: 10
Absolutely brilliant one of my favourite paint jobs of the year great colours and light placement. I will end up buying this and painting it come payday.
3 Oct 2016 • Vote: 10
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