Dwarf Warrior

After a very long time I managed to complete a miniature. I had thought that my painting days were over. I have tried many times to overcome my sight deficiency and have come to realise that in all honesty that is not going to happen anytime soon. So though I know this is not as good as I have done in the past it is good enough for me at this point in time. I am happy with the end result of this miniature and relieved that I can still find endless pleasure in painting minis Thanks for looking.

Posted: 9 Jul 2017

6.9 /10 (22 Votes) 747 Views

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Cheers mate I know that it is not my best but still happy with it.
10 Jul 2017 • Vote: 8
Welcome back mate!!! Wonderful job!!!
9 Jul 2017 • Vote: 10

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