Perchè :

One piece unique, 60mm scale made in 2012 by collaboration with Alessandro Bruni who completely carved it with putty - plasticard - plaster and some small brass accessories for candelabras. My painting for this piece is made entirely with acrylic. If you are interested in a tutorial on the elements that make up this diorama, write me in a comment! I think I don't need to explain anything, because the scene full of details speaks alone - I just say that no choice is at random, from the representation of the painting to the face of the statue of the seraphim; Each element has a meaning that I leave you the pleasure of interpreting Cheers Mirko

Posted: 10 Aug 2017

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This is so bloody awesome!
8 Jun 2022 • Vote: 10
8 Feb 2018 • Vote: 10
were is the scene taking place? Constantinoupolis?
26 Dec 2017 • Vote: 10
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