WFB Orc Warboss

The main body of this mini has been done starting from the Blood Bowl minotaur. I sculpted a kilt with green stuff and added some chains, skulls and bags from the GW plastic sprues. For the head I used the one from the Games Day limited edition orc. The axe is from the warboss on wyvern and the halfling is from the giant. Some extra details like a sword in the side (built with some other orc bits), an orc shield (to represent a back armour plate) and a broken chariot wheel representing a shield were added. Conversion: 4 hours Painting: 25 hours I hope you like it. Any comment will be welcome :-) Thanks

Posted: 16 Jan 2004

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21 Dec 2004 • Vote: 10
Love IT Love IT !!!
21 Aug 2004
Drake Farstrider
This may be the best looking ork I have ever seen. This may make me want to start collecting orcs. WOW
17 Aug 2004 • Vote: 10
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