Green Knight

I painted this mini for the Bretonnian Army of the Warhammer World. It took me 35 hours to finish it, and I am quite happy with the final result (even if I haven't put the flags yet). The most difficult part to paint was the dark green drawings in the clothes of the knight and the horse. The only secret to paint that pattern was having a very fine brush and not drinking coffee that morning in order to have a steady hand. :-) Comments are welcome Un saludo Spanish Team!!! :-)

Posted: 23 Jan 2004

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Incredible freehand! though it doesnt detract from the beuatiful blending! I also love the sword, it looks almost like a crystal, how was it done? Tommy
3 Feb 2005
Wow, muy buena, chico. Aunque... En mi vida he visto poquísimos Caballeros Verdes que me terminaran de gustar del todo... supongo que será dificilísimo de pintar, yo ni lo intentaría... Debe ser horrible... tal vez en ciertas zonas es demasiado oscuro, no lo sé. Por cierto, un punto por lo de usar colores metálicos y no NMM, a mí tampoco me termina de gustar esa técnica ;). Hale, felicidades, chato. Monstre.
28 Feb 2004
clasica, un pero..un 9 porque estoy harto de ver la mini siempre igual...pero el curro es el curro..estoy de acuerdo con ruben...una progresion acojonante, en cuanto al estilo..un encanta
24 Jan 2004 • Vote: 9
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