Imperial Fists Primaris Space Marine Infiltrator

I painted this little bugger for a small community painting competition. It came in first and took me about 25 hours in total. Not my best work and surely not demon-worthy, but at least I now have painted a Phobos pattern armour dude.

Posted: 31 May 2020

9.3 /10 (31 Votes) 2.6k Views

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Geez...I’d be happy if that WAS my best work. Nice vibrant yellow and so cleanly painted. He doesn’t look like he sees much battle. The gun is something else too.
8 Jun 2020 • Vote: 9
Lovely armor paintjob, the NMM is superb as well.
7 Jun 2020 • Vote: 10
Supremely superior Chicago pizza delicious skill set!!!!
31 May 2020 • Vote: 10

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