Sir? We found her.

I painted this for the Golden Demon Winners Challenge 2019/2020. Two Primaris Infiltrators in camouflage searching for a missing Sister of Battle. One of them being an Apothecary, the other calling in via com to the mission control. The task given for this piece was to incorporate some Sisters model of a sprue which was given to me. So, I would have preferred to use the Sister from the Hospitaler set, but it wasn't even available at the time when the sprue was handed to me. The piece was rather rushed, and I think it clearly shows. But maybe people are still interested in seeing it. It was published in White Dwarf 463 April 2021.

Posted: 25 Apr 2021

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The Green Man
Personally I cannot fault the painting. Lovely stuff. My one criticism is there is no sign of a fight or of damage to the Sister, and her pose isn’t convincing enough. That’s where it looks wrong to me. Still an excellent piece.
3 May 2021 • Vote: 9
The camo is a nice touch.
2 May 2021 • Vote: 9

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