The Last Stand Alesia, 52 BC

FOR SALE. Its been a complex commission, but I am happy with the overall result. You have a series of videos dedicated to specific processes of these 3 on the academy. They will be published over the next months. http://www.miniatureartacademy,com I hope some of you can find it interesting. From my personal side. this a topic that motivates me a lot as I love this period and the soul and magic of these tribes

Posted: 18 Nov 2021

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t6hanks guys. your are always super supportive!
26 Apr 2022 • Vote: 10
Amazingly well painted, and a great choice of models too. The faces are especially memorable.
26 Nov 2021 • Vote: 10
Wow! As a miniaturist & amateur historian this is really superb!!
25 Nov 2021 • Vote: 10
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