Monstern - Tauro

Hi there, this is a Mini from the Board-Game “Monstern”, published by Assassin Miniatures ( and sculpted by Stephan Niehues. Each Character has its own special funny abilities. Tauro is the specialist for the “head work”, after a short run is he able to knock his enemies with his horns down.

Posted: 17 Jun 2004

7.7 /10 (106 Votes) 2.3k Views

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Great Mini, where can i find infos to the game "monsters"? i like this mini a lot
1 Jul 2004 • Vote: 9
The only reason for the 9 was because the base is kinda blah... but, I am assuming this is from a cartoon type of game, because to me it looks very much cartoonish, BUT, the blending is just awesome on it.... very different, very change of pace...
22 Jun 2004 • Vote: 9

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