"Biggest problem I have: if I compliment your work it's not to get a comment on my work, but at least acknowledge that I've taken my time to do so as my time is just as important as yours" if a doctor or surgeon can find time to get back to 100s of patiants and they're much busier , than dont come off like you have no time and snub people who are voting in your Work
Nova open 2022 gold in vehicle masters
Nova open 2022 gold in unit masters
Nova open 2022 bronze in diorama masters
Nova open 2022 “ best of overall unit category “ masters
Mfca 2022 gold in fantasy painters division (entire display)
Mfca 2022 gold in fantasy open (swamp guardian)
Golden demon winner / gold demon vehicle cayegory2022
Golden demon 2022 open competition / 3rd place
Golden demon 2022/ commended entry -unit category
Golden demon 5 commendations s .
Squad Golden demon2022 / commended entry

Yeah MFCA online -gold in painters division (ulfewatch) 2021
MFCA online - gold in ordinance (grot convoy (ambition) 2021

MPO online -bronze medal 2022
LONG ISLAND MODEL SHOW 2021 -gold in historical
LONG ISLAND MODEL SHOW - 2021gold in fantasy
LONG ISLAND MODEL SHOW - 2021 gold in open
Nova 2019 1st place best unit masterclass
Nova 2019 best overall unit masterclass
Nova 2019 silver in vehicle cat
Nova 2019 bronze in single cat
Nova 2019 finalist in single cat
Penncon :15 gold medals for 15 entries
Penncon best of single
Penncon best of vehicle
Penncon “BEST OF SHOW”
Ever chosen store champion
Everchosen open cat winner
Armies on parade (silver)
Armies in parade - beat painted
2019 MFCA
silver medal fantasy (questionable under investigation)
Silver medal historical(entire display)
Armies On Parade 2018 -Best painted award
1st place/ gold medal and overall winner
Nova open capitol palette 2018
Gold medal -best unit
Gold medal 2 -best unit
Overall winner in the unit/squad category
Silver -bust
Bronze - single miniature
MFCA 2018
Gold medal -fantasy entire display
Silver medal - historical entire display.
2017 arena Rex -1st place
2018 arena Rex - 1st place
CRYSTAL BRUSH 2018- 2nd place unit caregory
1st place-dark age category
2 gold medals from MFCA 2017 (1 for my fantasy display/1 for my historical entry)
- MFCA 2015 silver fantasy
- MFCA 2015 silver historical
-Gold medal fantasy cat 2016-MFCA
-Silver medal hist cat MFCA 2016
-2 silver medals at MFCA 2015.
-CRYSTAL BRUSH 2016: bronze -fantasy unit
-CRYSTAL BRUSH 2015 :Silver -sci-fi unit
-CRYSTAL BRUSH 2015:bronze-historical unit
-GOLDEN DEMON 2005-Gold -LOTR canada!
-GOlden DEMON 2009-Bronze -large model!
-NOVA OPEN 2017-silver medal "evil sums grot tank in
Vehicle category"
-silver medal " ork nobs squad in the
unit category"
-silver medal " Bloodreavers in the unit
The unit category"
- Gold medal " Arena Rex Gladiators in
Unit category"
- Bronze medal " berserker bust (Anc-
estor) in the bust category"
- Bronze medal " Bartholemew Portug-
ese (pirate) in the single figure cat."
- Bronze medal " plague marine in sin-
gle figure category"
- BEST OF AWARD - best weathering "

-12 years of finalist total 19 models in finals various categories! I am a 44 yo new York native residing now in jersey! I've been in the craft for over 20 years and have won a few golden demon awards and always made finalist in my 12 12 year golden demon competition in my trials. Thru all of this I realized its not about winning that makes great artists , it s the capacity to learn from the artists that are great!(ten ball , boyzie ,kornel k,and singularity)I am a semi pro fighter and combat sports coach who recently had my dreams sidelined by two major shoulder surgeries. Thru my recover y the only thing that held my head was applying paint to tiny 3d models. Long live miniature painting!!

Painting painting painting.