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Dark Angels Land Raider Pre-Heresy Style
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Hortwerth

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Dark Angels Land Raider Pre-Heresy Style

Dark Angels Land Raider Pre-Heresy Style

This is the second, more refined pimped-out rolling Shrine'O'War.

This one I started just after I finished the 1st one (Crusader), that is in December 2004. I finished it in July 2005.

This time I took more patience and made all the scratchbuilt parts from better material, so that no corrugated cardboard makes itself visible on the sponsons, as none was used.

I also thought out the layout of the internal and external detail much more, with all the little icons having their places. I also took the advantage of my growing Greenstuff skills and just sculpted a lot of detail, which allowed me to really stick to painting when painting - I had all the places for freehand details prepared and I could just not think about them when wetblending the armour.

Yes, the armour is wetblended this time (also used what I have learned through the last year). On the sides the armour is from pure black at the top to Goblin Green at the bottom (though the dirt slightly obscured the exact tone - that's a good thing, I don't fancy goblin green on his own).

I also went for a shiny, blinking look, like it was polished just prior the battle and just happened to dust itself a bit as it cruised through the battlefield.

I also refined the dozer blade - the niches have curved angles now, and the mechanisms at the sides are much more complicated than just sticks-and-bolts.

All the interior is scratchbuilt, as I wanted it to represent a chapel, thus I needed more room inside - and there should be more room as the lascannons and generators are fully outside - so I made my own walls surrounding the wider interior.

I wanted to get a bit monochromatic look, as there's so much detail that if there were too many colours it would just hurt the eyes. So I made all the details in the shades of green, singling out only the weapons and engine housing as red to fit the rest of the army.

Comments welcome!

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Viewer comments:
#407445 Rating: 10 8 Nov 2013
OMFG! this is really hard work's, unambiguously )
#339189 Rating: 10 28 Jan 2011
Amazing and beautiful model - I,ve seen it live in showcase in one of shops in my city (Gdansk) - looks even more awsome!
#212112 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2007
all I can say on this is beautiful...the dozer blade and the interior are true genius. love it a tricky job executed absolutely chuffing superbly.
#201992 Rating: 10 4 Nov 2006
CLEAN UP ON AISLE THREE! WE GOT OURSELVES SOME GREENSKIN SPILT ON THE FLOOR! God damn that is one nice dozer blade. And bling for africa. Im not going to tell you how great that looks, youve probably heard it all before anyway. I hope you dont just plonk an assault squad in that thing either.
#179608 24 May 2006
You, DarkSodier, may want to see the larger version of the inside at . . and re-think your opinion.
#179521 Rating: 9 24 May 2006
The only reason you get 9 is because the candlelights inside the Raider are upside-down; it should be brightest at the core, where the flame is hottest.
#178489 Rating: 10 15 May 2006
You, sir, are a golden GOD! Second only to the Emperor of mankind. This is the sweetest vehicular artwork ever produced by human hands.
#177292 Rating: 10 5 May 2006
absolutely beautiful model. the dark angel on top is a detail i have been thinking of for a while but have been unable to find a good way to do so... you nailed it. only real thing that i have a small issue with is that preheresy dark angels had black armor on everything, but as you started with black and worked to green it gives it a sort of shimmering power of the machine spirit look that really works well.
#170840 Rating: 10 10 Mar 2006
I saw this, and I said "HOLY SHEEP!" (paraphrased) this should be entered in the golden demon!
#167483 Rating: 10 13 Feb 2006
I thought this was the best mini i have ever seen, until i saw the interior detail. At that point my brain stopped functioning correctly and i am currently unable to form opinions due to a shear overload of amazement.






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