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KRiEGSMuMaK of HaRaD :)
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by KedzioR vo


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KRiEGSMuMaK of HaRaD :)

KRiEGSMuMaK of HaRaD :)

This is my latest "mini" And the first on CoolMini

Really big THING, with many conversions, for example two rohirrims on the base, tusk weapons et cetera.

More pictures and an article (in polish) about making this beast here:

1. Building -

2. Painting the crew and Mahud -

3. Painting the Oliphant -

Greetings from Poland!

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Viewer comments:
#186713 Rating: 10 24 Jul 2006
Kędzior to twoja najlepsza figurka i nie ma bata najlepszy mumak na tej stronie
#152366 Rating: 8 9 Oct 2005
The conversions and green stuff looks very good. It seems a large project to undertake and you pulled it off However the painting is so and so. Decent and suitable but not much more. 6-7 maybe to be honest, but I think the conversions and hard work makes this an 8.
#152011 Rating: 10 6 Oct 2005
great job!
#151931 Rating: 9 5 Oct 2005
Good to finally see some of your stuff at CMON. As I've said before, this is the best mumak I've seen so far. Everything looks great - the skin tone, howdah, base with some superb conversions. I think you're going to be making a name for yourself, and deservedly so! A strong 9, congrats, keep up the great work!
#151866 Rating: 10 5 Oct 2005
No KędziR_Vo wiesz co ja myślę o tym mumaku dokładnie wiesz Poprostu zadziswiajacy wiem że zdjecia nie odaja tego co jest na żywca ale już na fotkach jest Lepszy od wszystkich innych Mumaków które chodżą po Śródziemiu. Ocenka 10/10 a cóż innego można dać






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