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Vampire count army characters
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Northern Star

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Vampire count army characters

Vampire count army characters

This is a "buddy pic" of my VC army characters, from the excellent GW mordheim range. Both are painted in a palette of browns, greys and white. I couldn´t resist adding some blood for that classic horror look. Some say the vampire looks like he´s tapdancing on top of the gravestone, but it´s the only way he´ll ever rank up in a regiment! Yeah, bad excuse for poor basing..

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Viewer comments:
#215642 Rating: 9 22 Feb 2007
a lovely, gritty feel to them. love the blood around his mouth
#205045 Rating: 10 30 Nov 2006
I must say, your real world paint style is flawless. These two could walk off the table. Your faces in particular are outstanding. I can feel the withered old mans expression, weathered but strongly motivated, I bet hes ready to raise some pals.
#170034 Rating: 10 4 Mar 2006
I love all your minis, but these guys are just the best. How did you paint that blood?? Flawless.
#168071 Rating: 9 18 Feb 2006
I am loving that vampire, nice and gory.That Mordheim range screams CHARACTER!. Both paintjobs are brilliant...
#167996 Rating: 9 17 Feb 2006
Very nice. They suggest a good nightmarish atmosphere.
#167952 Rating: 9 17 Feb 2006
These are great. I love the dark colors.
#167947 Rating: 10 17 Feb 2006
That's amazing!! Very cool, dark painting style. I paint VC myself but this is waaay much better Did U use Valejo or GW palette?
#167897 Rating: 9 16 Feb 2006
Amazing paintjob! The mordheim range has always been of a much darker and better quality to the literal WFB line, I like the use of the witch as a necromancer also. Oh yea, the metal looks very "weathered" too, great job!






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