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Eldar Ranger
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Bestienmeister

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Eldar Ranger

Eldar Ranger

This was my entry for the Italian Games Day, I started it 3 weeks before the event and finished it just in time. Took me about 60 to 70 hours. It´s my favourite miniature from the Inquisitor - range, hopy you like it. Comments are very welcome.

Cheers, Christian

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#362669 Rating: 10 11 Feb 2012
I still have not painted mine. With over 6000 unpainted minis, its in good company, though...
#212103 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2007
the great miniature!!! I admired in real life at italian gd, fantastic job deserved silver demon
#207318 Rating: 10 16 Dec 2006
Stunning. Just stunning.
#207006 Rating: 10 14 Dec 2006
Hi Avelorn. Yes I understand (and have seen it on the other piece he has on at the moment) but I do not think they are at all realistically done. They look like nicks in metal not nicks in a cloak. IMHO. Apart from that this and the other piece are both very good.
#206724 Rating: 10 13 Dec 2006
At least a solid eleven!
#206690 Rating: 9 13 Dec 2006
Very close to voting a 10. Some parts are definately superb, like the back of the cloak. But I think both the face and the brown cloth could have benefitted from longer blends. They both look slightly streaky in comparasion to the green and red especially. Another thing is that the Gold Nmm could use slighy less midtones and more shadows and becomes a bit more obvius also because of the sharp contrast of other parts of the mini, the metal is the most relfective part so it should be the most contrasted part as well. But superb job non the less. @Ian: If it's those nicks and scratches you mean.. they are painted Well done! And congratulations to your demon. Sven
#206680 Rating: 10 13 Dec 2006
Great color choice, love the skintone and the NMM is great too. Could not be better. Mark
#206674 Rating: 10 12 Dec 2006
I gave it 10 because the paintjob is absolutely brilliant. But you need to spend more time cleaning up the back of your minis before you paint them!
#206628 Rating: 10 12 Dec 2006
Awesome Miniature. Its one of my favorites! Great Work on the Face and NMM!
#206607 Rating: 10 12 Dec 2006
einsame Spitzenklasse und respect für silber in Italien! Zu schade nur das man die Schwertklinge nicht seitlich sieht...daheer warscheinlich auch die unterbewertung. gruß evil






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