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Kasrkin Sergeant Dercius
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Bestienmeister


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Kasrkin Sergeant Dercius

Kasrkin Sergeant Dercius

I painted this mini for Games Day Italy. I wanted to go away from my usual style and do something with a limited colour choice. Unfortunately the mini broke into 6 parts on my way to Milano, so I had to repaint some parts in the train. Thanks again to Mad Max for paints and brushes. The face is inspired by Banshees fabulous Kasrkin, hope he doesn´t mind.
I used Mascol on the base, thanks to Manumilitari for your advice.
Didn´t get into the finals because it simply disappeared between all those colourfull and flashy minis. I think I will return to my old style
Thanks to Goatman for arranging the pics.

Comments are very welcome

Cheers, Christian

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Viewer comments:
#262277 Rating: 10 19 Jun 2008
*lol* JETZT weiß ich wo ich dieses Model schon mal gesehen habe. Stell dieses Foto doch auch mal bei dir bei SchuelerVZ rein^^
#227499 Rating: 10 21 Jun 2007
Just spotted this beauty, excellent paint job
#212152 Rating: 10 25 Jan 2007
#212131 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2007
Der ist einfach super! Die Rüstung ist Super und das Gesicht der Hammer! Das Base sieht einfach genial aus! Verdiente 10 Punkte^^
#212002 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2007
Great job. Only the banner is a bit disturbing ... Looks too static.
#211941 Rating: 10 23 Jan 2007
Fantastic indeed, if I am not mistaken this one was featured in a masterclass article in the german WD; face is aewsome, the blends and the metal parts are also very good, he has the appearence of a grim warrior.
#211924 Rating: 10 23 Jan 2007
Very nice Mini. I Love the Banner and the metalics. Also I like the dark style you tried on it..... I don't understand how the Jury od the Italien GD could not have noticed it..... Sad, really......, how sutch a great Mini can stay unnoticed..... I like the Head Conversion, although it makes him look like a cave man ....
#211921 Rating: 10 23 Jan 2007
great job, especially the armour, very cool bravo
#211903 Rating: 10 23 Jan 2007
Fantastic weathering and freehands! Greets, Oli
#211881 Rating: 10 23 Jan 2007
Ah, The Banner could be thinner...... The Freehands kick ass...... Nice Blendings... Superb Choice of colors...






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