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tau xv88 broadside battlesuit conversion (mecha) - repost -
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by fildunn

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tau xv88 broadside battlesuit conversion (mecha) - repost -

tau xv88 broadside battlesuit conversion (mecha) - repost -

an experiment to see if i could convert a convincing, and menacing mecha style tau battle suit. given a quick paint job, im more bothered about whether the overall look worked. all coments appreciated and welcome.

repost as the the previous one just dissapeared
*shrugs shoulders*

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Viewer comments:
#388608 Rating: 10 23 Jan 2013
Yes the overall effect worked! Worked pretty damn good too!
#340348 Rating: 10 14 Feb 2011
Killer. Want One.
#338737 Rating: 10 22 Jan 2011
i love your tau conversion work, its very inspiring! ive tryed extending the legs and arms even resculpting the stomach [trying to make evangelion x tau] but your work is amazing!
#290630 Rating: 10 16 Apr 2009
wow, i like it very much fill
#289682 Rating: 9 7 Apr 2009
not a big fan of the head, but still really cool
#269273 Rating: 10 7 Sep 2008
very dark and gritty, just how 40k should be, and an original spin on a great model...robotech/gundam anyone :O)
#244946 Rating: 10 19 Dec 2007
well done!awesome!
#214993 Rating: 9 17 Feb 2007
I hope you revisit this piece with a mended hand. The pose and converted bits make this model transcend whatever the Tau are supposed to be. This is just great. This is totally Ghost in the Shell meets Heavy Gear. The only thing that kind of detracts from it is the angle at which you shot it. While the massive gun abstracts it into an interesting piece, it also diminishes it's humanoid form.
#214960 Rating: 8 17 Feb 2007
great sculpt/mod ironically the paintjob hides your work not some much the technique.. but lack of hue/tone seperation on the model.. hard to see what the model is doing... where he is... (lighting doesn't help either.)
#214956 Rating: 10 17 Feb 2007
Best Tau i've ever seen






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