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Jade the exotic dancing girl
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by mrika

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Jade the exotic dancing girl

Jade the exotic dancing girl

She won first place in her category this year at gencon.

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Viewer comments:
#346555 Rating: 10 25 May 2011
Both cloth effects here are beyond compare. How did you feel about the sculpt though? Her hands are bigger than her head!
#261406 Rating: 10 8 Jun 2008
OUCH !!! This is SO good, it hurts. Absolutely unbelievable !!
#249582 Rating: 10 6 Feb 2008
As many other have said, the sheer cloth on the base is mind-blowing. The rest is great too though with your characteristically stunning face and skin. Even if I didn't see who it was painted by I could always tell your work by the face and eyes. You do a masterful work. I love the fact that you are so prolific because I couldn't stand having to wait too long between your new minis. Great job Marike and thanks a ton for all the help you've been!
#241990 Rating: 10 20 Nov 2007
WOW 10 is not enought for this mini! That hands are terrible they looks like ork's not human. But rest of the mini is great. Skin tones looks like in real, that transparent clothes are perfect and I never see better painted eyes and I'm don't think it is possible to make them better.
#241103 Rating: 10 10 Nov 2007
I didn't know what to write at first without coming across as smug and annoying. This is probably the best example of mini art I have seen and it's sitting right by me. The hands are creepy, I admit but the mind boggling work put in to making her look this good amazes me daily!
#237467 Rating: 10 4 Oct 2007
The figure itself is terrible, but with your paintjob it's getting something special. Great skin, unbelievable freehand on velvet-like dress and the semi-transparent veil is simply perfect. I§ll give 11 if I could, 10* then!!!
#236882 Rating: 10 28 Sep 2007
Well I had the pleasure of holding this and WOW. Your style isn't to my taste but the skill in producing this is absolutely amazing. It deserves nothing less than a perfect 10.
#235399 Rating: 10 12 Sep 2007
Fleshy tones are amazing, looks almost real. Hands are kind of creepy looking though. Beautiful eyes and lips. What little clothing she is wearing is wonderful as well, really captured the sheer look.
#235286 Rating: 9 11 Sep 2007
How the hell did you get the surface that clean?!
#235264 Rating: 10 11 Sep 2007
A very good mini! The only thing I do not like at all is the arms of the lass - they are a bit creepy, don't you think? But it's the mini - not the painting. The face is fabulous.






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