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Space Wolf Space Marine Terminator Lord
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by jarhead


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Space Wolf Space Marine Terminator Lord

Space Wolf Space Marine Terminator Lord

Tried better pics... i guess there is nothing better to get my painted minis next to reality than a simple grey background...

This conversion is based on one of GW's plastic assault terminators. I used a head from the fantasy flagellant sprue, some other Space Wolf parts from my bitzbox and scratchbuild the base...

The paintjob was inspired by the sounds of metallica - Hope you like it, let me know what you think of...


PS: Painted for a collector...

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#304826 Rating: 9 7 Oct 2009
Looks Great!!! most of the time i just paint my guess at the higher side of tabletop quality due to the fact that I use them in my army and they have many fingers on them LOL!! but you guys have made me want to paint one up real nice like...I'll give it a shot hope I dont let ya'll down ;-) GREAT JOB!!!- Gunter
#293086 Rating: 9 15 May 2009
Great mini! Is it just my eyes or does he look like James Hetfield from Metallica?
#252229 8 Mar 2008
Thx for all your comments - really happy that you like that guy. The grey armour was started very bright with a mix of GWs Bleached Bone and Space Wolfs grey and shaded down with thin layers of codex grey going to codex grey and chaos black. The fur has been a mix with bleached bone, skull white, fortress grey and some brown mixtures to some black in the mix for the shadows... Hope that helps - if not you can always contact me over PM... Regards jar
#252175 Rating: 9 7 Mar 2008
How did you paint the gray armour and wolf pelt?
#249869 Rating: 9 9 Feb 2008
If that is the result of listening Metallica while painting I would be very curious to see what will happen if you listen to Megadeth or Death Angels or something like that while you are painting, but I guess I have already seen the results at other paintjobs by you, lol. Great job!!!
#249527 Rating: 9 6 Feb 2008
great paint work. for better results try blood duster
#249505 Rating: 9 5 Feb 2008
This is magnificent!!!!






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