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Death korps of krieg lasgun finished
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: SF

by Pizzasemmel

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Death korps of krieg lasgun finished

Death korps of krieg lasgun finished

it has been a long time since i entered the last pic of this one but i rellay had forgotten that i got this one on my acc. Today somebody commented it so here is the finished product.
We haven't been to the GD yet because the project somehow...well I don't know we just haven't been there^^

It is made of MDF and plastic card

The helemt is from a fireman, painted black and decorated with a golden aquilla
Gasmask is unmodified (no skull on it) because this wouldn't be the type of Death korps the weapon belongs to

here is a link to the WIP

Hope you like it, if so leave a comment

Despite the price tag on the pic, this isn't for sale

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#251017 Rating: 10 22 Feb 2008
Not a mini but by God is it cool! 10/10. Dont suppose theres any chance of a step by step guide is there?
#250592 18 Feb 2008
It says Lt. "Phoenix", the nickname of the lucky guy who now owns the equip^^ (was a BDay present) @Emperors Servant: thought about that one for about 4 years, but it took the SM 10.000 years to develop it so this is too complicated
#250547 Rating: 9 18 Feb 2008
In fact THIS ISN'T A MINI, i love it. It's pretty cool! i wanna have it! Love the Idea of the Fire Helmet and the Wooden Box, the Lasgun looks verry realistic, even the Barrel looks a little corrosive! Whats written on the Helmet? Can't see it
#250510 Rating: 10 17 Feb 2008
This is way to cool! How about a power armour and boltgun??






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