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Salamander Space Marine Terminator
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by jarhead

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Salamander Space Marine Terminator

Salamander Space Marine Terminator

Hi everyone,

this one is my latest work i really put a long time effort in (about 50 hours/over the last 6 weeks). I really got inspired by vincenti's awesome work on his Salamander some time ago and thought i give it a try with my brush.

I used a normal plastic terminator from GW with the head of a the chaos space marine terminator lord. The cloak is from GW's Fantasy giant and some small parts of space marine bits were added to get my version of this battleproofed veteran. The base is inspired by rusto's great base-styles and is including the upper part of a statue of confrontation. The rest is scratchbuild from what nature has to offer.

Special thanks to all the people who influenced my work on this guy and helped me out with their oppinions and tips.

Also i must say special thanks to rusto and automaton who are definatly my personal favorite painters on this planet because of their unique choice of colours and their realism on their works who really makes me freakin' happy when i see a new mini from them...

Hope you like him... Here i made one bigger shot of the guy:

Thanks to everyone who leaves a vote or comment - i'll try to honour you back in time...


PS: Painted for a collector!

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Viewer comments:
#307214 Rating: 10 4 Nov 2009
Very nice mini!
#277637 Rating: 10 8 Dec 2008
#253850 Rating: 9 28 Mar 2008
Salamanders are generally dark-skinned, yes. Not a huge deal though, some of the GW art shows caucasian looking Sallies. Really nice work on this guy, the shading is a bit intense for my taste but overall I think it gives a good strong impression. He has a good, natural sense of movement to him.
#253638 Rating: 10 25 Mar 2008
die bilder werden der mini überhaupt nicht gerecht...die im bemalforum waren besser! so is die mini total unterbewertet... wirklich geniales licht...
#253490 Rating: 9 24 Mar 2008
Cool thing. Although iirc, Salamanders are recruited from black skinned people.
#253406 Rating: 10 23 Mar 2008
Makes me want to make a Slamander Army!
#253289 Rating: 10 21 Mar 2008
Grungy, Gritty and Mean looking! Just how a Space Marine should look.....AWESOME !!!! GOD bless ....................VINCENTI
#253262 21 Mar 2008
... I am kind of speechless - thank you all so much for your votes and mostly that great Feedback from those who left a comment - i've added the link to the bigger pic and must stop now, because i guess i am saying way too much for beeing speechless - thx again...
#253199 Rating: 9 20 Mar 2008
wow!! it looks so cool, but needs bigger photos!!! thanks for your kind words...CIAO!
#253042 Rating: 10 18 Mar 2008
Great base work, great colors, incredible mood and feel to the overall piece. For such a vibrant green this fellow looks incredibly rugged. very impressive.






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